ALLBTC Direct Payment

this is the safest way to buy Bitcoins From us.
This Method is just for transfers.
Select the transfer From below list and send it to our wallet address.
** Don't Forget to Email Us after that **

Transfer Amount Price
$350 Bitcoin Transfer 0.00168746 BTC ($31.99)
$450 Bitcoin Transfer 0.00221495 BTC ($41.99)
$650 Bitcoin Transfer 0.00268970 BTC ($50.99)
$850 Bitcoin Transfer 0.00326994 BTC ($61.99)
$1500 Bitcoin Transfer 0.00527442 BTC ($99.99)
1 Bitcoin Transfer 0.02636947 BTC ($499.9)

Select Your Transfer and send exact number of "Price" to below wallet.

How Much take time to send your transfer?

it takes 1 hour after confirmation of Bitcoin.

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